quick window search scriptlet

this lets me walk the currently active windows by activating this [i use CTRL-space] and typing in a unique part of one of the window frames. then, it switches focus to that window.


zenity  --title "window search" --entry --text "type part of the window titlebar you want" | xargs -I {} wmctrl -a "{}"

iwatch and inotify-triggered conversions…

$SO wanted to take $music_site videos and strip/reencode the audio track to mp3.  they already have an SSHFS mount to my file server, so i set up a directory structure where they can deposit mp4 and flv files, and the files will automatically be converted and saved to an output directory.  after conversion, the source files are moved to a processed directory.

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breaking sites into multiple docroots isn’t too bad.  glad i do this crap at work.  also, i apparently have too many domains.  i’ve dropped some, and i’m down to six.